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We have puppies now! . Please continue to look for updates with us on Facebook and our website. If you are thinking about a puppy to add to your family, please contact us and see what we have. In the meantime, you can look in the puppy nursery for the perfect mi-ki for you.  Keep in mind, this breed is great if you are searching for a small lap dog, a hypoallergenic dog, a therapy dog,or just a wonderful companion!
Sometimes we get calls from people asking if we have “Purse Puppies,” and the mi-ki is known for their love to travel and be social, so the answer is “Yes!” If you are retired, or work at home, mi-kis also are very good when it comes to cuddling!. They can watch TV with you, or be a wonderful help while you are working on your computer!
With the sale of each mi-ki, more people are interested in the Breed
Recently, we were interviewed by a magazine editor about our puppies and how we raise them.  She was asking for pictures of our mi-kis and any stories we might like to share.  We were happy for this opportunity, and found out shortly afterward that Always Adorable Mi-kis would be featured in their article. So, we would like to say thank you to Dogster Magazine for writing, “The Mi-ki Small Steps to a Big Impression,” which is a two page article on the mi-ki dog and features Always Adorable Mi-kis.  The story is featured in the October/November 2016 issue of Dogster Magazine, pages 54 and 55.

It seems like just yesterday, but we started our breeding program in 2005 with Island Treasures Little Boy Blue, who is a son of World Cup Winner Champion in Gold, Angel’s Charming Chester. Our next male was Paddington’s Always Adorable Enzo, who also reached his Champion status.  From there, we slowly added to our family with adorable puppies, and have loved every minute of learning about the mi-ki breed ourselves. Raising puppies is so rewarding, and finding them the perfect home is our end goal.  The joy these puppies will bring is second to nothing!

Featured story for mi-kis dogster

Featured story for mi-kis

Always Adorable mi-ki family!

Always Adorable mi-ki family!

We are always excited to talk to people about our wonderful small dogs and puppies, here at Always Adorable Mi-kis.  We have some of the best “Parent mi-kis” around and welcome any and all questions about what it takes to become a mi-ki puppy owner yourself! Whether you are interested in a long coat mi-ki, or a smooth coat mi-ki, a dark or light puppy, small or smaller, we would love the chance to introduce you to our mi-ki family. We do not have many litters per year, so we are able to spoil each and every puppy before they come to you! Check with us as often as you can to find out more about future mi-ki puppies, and our occasional “retirees.”

willow 8 weeks and_kali

Kali and Willow

Just to introduce you to a couple of our mi-ki parents…..Breeze has a beautiful, flowing, very silky coat and is 7lbs.  She is one of the most loving mi-kis that we own and is always right by your side. Breeze has a graceful stride and wonderful composition as a mi-ki. Breeze has proven to be a great mom to her puppies!

Waldo is one of our mi-ki studs, and has only recently joined our family. He weighs just about 4lbs. We were so happy to be able to get him as one of our main mi-ki sires here at Always Adorable Mi-kis. Waldo is a long coat male and is one of our spunkiest and most confident mi-kis yet!  He loves to be outside and prances every where he goes! Waldo has a silky coat as well, and is easy to manage when it comes to grooming!  Waldo has a nice bite, great topline and glides along as he struts his stuff for anyone watching!

And then there’s Mia, who weighs 5lbs.  Actually Breeze and Mia are sisters! Mia has the same sweet personality, always trying her best to please you, and has the same beautiful coat as her sister, Breeze. Mia had her puppies 2 weeks earlier than Breeze and they have enjoyed raising their puppies together!!!

These wonderful mi-kis have had some adorable puppies, and we have other moms and dads that are coming up soon….we are located in the Tampa Bay area.

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At Always Adorable Mi-kis, we love having mi-ki puppies in our homes.  Occasionally we have mi-ki puppies for sale, usually 2-3 times a year, so please continue to visit us on Facebook, or this website, for the most recent additions visit our Puppy Nuresery!

All descriptions and pictures shown on this Mi-ki Breeders site are of purebred Mi-Ki’s.  Mi-ki(pronounced “me-key”) dogs are an adorable toy breed!!! They are also very rare, only having been introduced into the United States in the 1980’s …more