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We are excited about Pippi (long coat female mi-ki) and Teko (smooth coat male mi-ki) becoming new puppy parents!  Puppies have arrived!  Pippy is the proudest mom ever, with a beautiful black and white little mi-ki female puppy and 2 very handsome boys.  One of the male mi-ki puppies is black and the other is black and white.  We will be updating the website often with news of their growth and activities, so please keep checking.

Please continue to check back in with us to find adorable mi-ki puppies for sale near Tampa, Florida!

Pippi has a beautiful, long, very silky and very flowing, coat and is between 4 and 5lbs.  She is one of the most loving mi-kis that we own and is always right by your side. Pippi has a graceful stride and wonderful composition as a mi-ki. We are confident Pippi will be a great mi-ki mom and will have very cute mi-ki puppies!

Teko, is one of our mi-ki studs and was born right here in the Tampa Bay area, at our New Port Richey home. We were so happy to be able to keep him as one of our main mi-ki sires here at Always Adorable Mi-kis. Teko is a smooth coat mi-ki and is one of our most adventuresome mi-kis.  He loves to be outside and would prefer to lounge in the sun for hours if you would let him! Teko has a silky coat as well, and as a smooth coat, his hair does not require much brushing!  Teko is very laid back, and very expressive and interactive with all our family.

We also have a litter of three mi-ki puppies that was born October 01, 2015…visit the puppy page to see available mi-kis in Tampa Bay area.

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At Always Adorable Mi-kis, we love having mi-ki puppies in our homes.  Occasionally we have mi-ki puppies for sale, usually 2-3 times a year, so please continue to visit us on Facebook, or this website, for the most recent additions visit our Puppy Nuresery!

All descriptions and pictures shown on this Mi-ki Breeders site are of purebred Mi-Ki’s.  Mi-ki(pronounced “me-key”) dogs are an adorable toy breed!!! They are also very rare, only having been introduced into the United States in the 1980’s …more