mi-ki colors

Here’s our story of how we got started with the mi-ki dog…We are sisters, Liz Duke and Carolyn Ausborn, who both love animals, especially mi-ki dogs and puppies and all that goes with the mi-ki dog. We are small breeders and partners in Always Adorable Mi-kis.

Eleven years ago  Liz purchased her first mi-ki dog, Blue. She was looking for a loving, hypo-allergenic/ no-shedding dog for her family. Her search for a good natured, high quality male ended with finding Blue. He was such a sweet, perfect specimen of the miki dog breed that she decided to purchase a female mi-ki and have puppies. And wow were they cute!!! This also began her second “career” of photography…(mi-ki dog pictures) to capture how special these dogs are and what a wonderful addition to the family they have become.

As the dogs became part of Lizs’ family, Carolyn who thought she preferred large dogs, began to ask herself, “what is a miki dog and why are they so special?”  She decided mi-kis were pretty cute and much more convenient than large dogs and purchased her first mi-ki dog, Enzo. Of course, she immediately believed he was the best dog to ever walk the earth and his perfection should be multiplied and shared with others. And so, that is how we became partners in this business and the reason we have so many mi-ki dog pictures!

Although we believe our mi-ki dogs are extremely cute, we have worked very hard to make sure we are raising healthy, quality mi-ki dogs that excel in the mi-ki dog breed. All our mi-kis are descendants from the original line of mi-ki dog breed. From birth, they are socialized with other dogs and people making them very friendly and easily trained. They are fed high quality food and taken for regular vet visits until they are adopted into their forever homes.

The miki puppies come with a 1 year health guarantee and all the parents are registered with the American Mi-ki Registry Association. We can give you pictures of mi-ki dogs from any of our past or present litters and are always available to answer any of the “what is a mi-ki dog” questions you may come up with.

We really enjoy raising these sweet little puppies. It is so fun watching them play and develop personalities of their own. Each one is precious to us, and we hope that they will become a loving part of your family also.