Mi-ki breed

About The Mi-ki Breed

mi-ki dog breedMi-ki Breed Info: Mi-ki (pronounced “me-key”)dogs are an adorable toy breed!!! They are also very rare, only having been introduced into the United States in the 1980’s. This new American breed is so intriguing, people will frequently stop and ask you its origin…Mi-kis are a wonderful breed derived from the best of the Papillon, Maltese and Japanese Chin heritage.

There is no doubt, the Mi-ki heritage is grand The Papillon was popular among the French upper class in the sixteenth century with admirers such as Madame Pompadour and Marie Antoinette, the Maltese enjoyed popularity among the royal court during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, and the Japanese Chin was first brought from Korea to Japan as a gift to the Emperor Seimu in 730 A.D. and was highly treasured by the imperial family.

6 week puppiesMi-Ki dogs are extremely intelligent and playful with almost cat like agility and mannerisms. They seem to adjust to their surroundings. They can run and play like crazy, then transform into calm, well behaved social dogs that can serve as wonderful therapy dogs. As an adult, their weight averages around 6 to 8 pounds, which makes them perfect lap dogs, with just enough size to maintain their independence. These dogs can easily adapt to apartment living, and can be liter box or “piddle pad” trained!!!

Mi-ki dogs are wonderful… once they become part of your family, a mutual bond quickly forms. They bring so much love and happiness that you find yourself needing them as much as they need you. As Mi-ki puppies, you can easily distinguish the selective breeding which has brought about their sweet engaging personalities, calm companionship, and their adaptability to young and old alike!

Mi-kis are a non-shedding breed with hair instead of fur, which can be beneficial to some people with dog allergies. The long coat mi-kis require weekly brushing and the smooth coat require even less!

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Mi-ki Breeder Information

Be sure that you know all you can about the breeder you choose. How puppies are raised is of utmost importance, especially their first few weeks. Take time to investigate thoroughly, and find out all you can about the breeder and the dogs being bred. Feel free to ask questions like, are the dogs purebred, what size are the parents and any past puppies. All breeders in good standing will be proud to offer you any information you request, as it applies to your new pet

Breed Facts

  • Mi-kis are a rare toy breed selectively bred for calm companionship along with sweet engaging personalities
  • Breed was started in the USA in the late 1980s and share common ancestors with the Papillon, Maltese and Japanese Chin
  • Weight can range from 3 to 10 pounds, the average adult weighs 6 – 7 pounds
  • Excellent therapy dogs calm and adorable
  • Great companion dogs – happy, loving, sweet and funny
  • Excellent health in the pure bred lines – known health issues include patellar luxation, distichia, cryptorchidism
  • High intelligence level – very easy to train
  • Low activity level – require little exercise, happy in condos and apartments but love to be walked and to run in the open
  • Will use a litter box, piddle pads or trained to go outside as you desire
  • Non-shedding breed with hair instead of fur
  • Love kids, cats and dogs large or small – easy going gentle personalities allow this dog to be a part of almost any home
  • Bi-colored, tri-colored and solids, but solids are rare and prized
  • Colors include cream, red, silver, black, white, blue, apricot, sable, gold, brown, beige, chocolate, grizzle, brindle, fawn, mahogany
  • Two coat types – long and smooth (smooth coats do not have beard and mustache, body hair is shorter and requires almost no grooming)
  • Two coat texture types – Silky lies close to the body, requires little grooming, Cotton has a puffy fuller look, mates easier and requires more grooming than the silky coat but is still easy to maintain with a weekly brushing
  • Live into their teens
  • Recognized by the States Kennel Club, International All Breed Canine Association, and National Canine Association
  • Registry for pure bred mi-kis with AMRA (American Mi-ki Registry Association)