Available mi-kis…

Watching for his playmate to come back!

Watching for his playmate to come back!

Text, call, or email about a mi-ki puppy for you!…727-510-7290 or 727-992-6908

Ryder is Ready and Available!…

Ryder is one of the sweetest puppies in the litter.  If you are looking for an apartment puppy, or a snuggley, small lap dog, this breed is for you. Just like Ryder, mi-kis have great temperaments for children, can be a blessing to a college students, are wonderful indoor pets with little to no shedding, and can make a great companion for a family filled with children, as well as to a widow looking for great company! So, call us to see if we can introduce you to Ryder!


I'm going to be a perfect size!

I’m going to be a perfect size!

Puppies and their toys!

Puppies and their toys!

I love to play!

I love to play! Mi-kis like these are great for those that like to travel! Their ideal, small size makes it so easy to fly or ride with your pet.  Mi-kis also enjoy being around people so much that their owners often take them on all their vacations, even on cruises!  Mi-kis are fun to dress up and take along to the mall, or just stroll through town. If you are looking for a pet that is easy to train, a fast learner, always wanting to please their humans, these puppies are what you have been looking for!

Recently ADOPTED!:

Our mi-kis have found homes from coast to coast, up into Canada, and Europe has been on our list of those interested as well.  Mi-kis can be international travelers, or be content to make the occasional trip to the bingo hall or piost office.  We often put them in a baby stroller and head off for a day of shopping.  Mi-kis are so quiet that most people never know it’s a puppy in the stroller and not a child! Take your mi-ki with you as often as you can. Many of our clients have trained their mi-kis for therapy dogs, comfort dogs to give happiness to the elderly in nursing homes, assisting children of all ages to overcome set-backs, and insecurities. Thee puppies and dogs have a calming affect on the sick, and will lift the spirit of those that may be lonely or depressed.  Call about our mi-kis and see if one would fit into your lifestyle today!

So, keep checking back with us and see how we get cuter each week!


We will be ready to go home at the middle AND end of October.






The mi-ki puppies below have all been adopted, but we want you to see what our mi-kis have been producing…..




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Call or email to find out if one is right for your family.


Puppy Love…

At Always Adorable Mi-kis, we cherish the time we have with each of our puppies. Our puppies will have a wonderful, healthy start, which makes their transition to your home very smooth. Every puppy is loved, cuddled, and socialized with children, adults, grandparents, and other animals. The constant attention and family atmosphere of complete love and affection will make a significant difference in behavior and even trainability in each of our puppies. We will gladly answer any of your concerns, or questions, at any time throughout your mi-ki’s life. After you receive your new puppy, we will look forward to YOUR updates and pictures as your puppy continues to grow.

Healthy puppies…

All puppies will have a full physical exam by a licensed veterinarian before going home with their new families. Once you have your puppy home, we require that you bring your Mi-Ki puppy to the vet within 72 hours of pick up for a full physical exam and fecal exam. This will verify and establish that you have been sold a healthy puppy. It will also prepare you for follow up routine care such as puppy vaccinations.

You will receive all paperwork for your puppy verifying the veterinarian visit and the results, as well as a vaccination schedule which we strongly recommend you follow. Our contract will also request that your pet be spayed/neutered, before he or she is one year old, unless a breeder status has been established and agreed upon.

If your puppy is proven (during this licensed vet check) not to be healthy, we will be happy to take the puppy back and offer you a full refund of the purchase price. We will make every effort to work towards a healthy happy outcome for you and your mi-ki.

Puppy Expectations…

  • Our mi-ki puppies are healthy, happy and truly raised in our home as part of the family
  • Written health guarantee, registration and pedigree given
  • First puppy vaccination, health certificate and certified OFA (patellas) by licensed veterinarian
  • DNA profile available upon request
  • Quality puppies that meet the breed standard from Champion and Multi-Champion lines
  • Deluxe puppy pack which also includes bag for your traveling needs
  • Private individual courier available at additional cost if needed
  • Dedicated Mi-Ki breeder willing to always be available