What new Mi-ki parents say..

“Lucy is now a little over 4 pounds and is such a joy. Can’t believe what a sweet, loving little thing she is. I’m enclosing a couple of photos, but neither will show you how cute she is. Hope all’s well. I guess you have had more puppies by this time. Bob keeps telling me we should get another one as a friend for Lucy….” Connie Wotton 

“Thanks for the info and the pictures are great.  We don’t know how we ever got along without Sadie.  We had gotten a small dog bed and we put it between our pillows so we don’t roll on her by mistake and she sleeps right through the night. She is pretty much house broken, she’s quite intelligent and we’re having the best time. Thanks for everything,” Ann

“Vapor accompanied me to my Friday meetings, never moving from my lap for two hours!! What a sweetheart.  Favorite toy is the fox you sent.  He seems very  well adjusted and calm.  He is soooo sweet and melts my heart.” Christina

“Emma is a tired puppy tonite and sleeping soundly on her blanket in her new kennel which she took to right away. Thank you for her. She is perfect and she has already had us laughing as she played in the yard. She is a keeper. Hope her mama is not missing her too much!” Terri

“Axel is doing wonderful we are also in love with him he keeps us entertained all the time.” Robin

“Thank you for the best little companion ever. His name has morphed from Jag into “Jake” and “Jakey Pants” and sweetie pie and every other adorable name, thanks to my daughter and granddaughter.
He loves the snow and runs around like a little snow plow as long as the wind isn’t blowing.  . I can see why you wanted to breed Jake- he is getting more handsome everyday! Such beautiful fur. I’m surprised that he’s almost a year old and he’s now changing to white. Looks like his ears and a few other areas may stay caramel but beautiful white fur is going to be the predominant color I think.  We love him so much.”  Vicki